Do You Want to Select Food Packaging? – Plastic Clamshells vs Styrofoam Containers

Are you looking for food packaging? There are several packings available for hot and cold food. However, the thinkable point is which one is right for your eatables. The two significant and famous options are plastic clamshell and Styrofoam containers. Both are used for cold and hot meals.

When it comes to the appearance of both options, both look similar. You cannot distinguish them at first glance. That is why most of the time companies get confused between Plastic Clamshell and Styrofoam Containers. Finally, you select based on gut distinct. If you choose the wrong application, it may cause damage to the vessel or result in contamination. Both packagings have their pros and cons. Luckily, being in the packaging business, we have a deep understanding of plastic clamshell and Styrofoam containers specifications. We can guide you in selecting the right packings for you and in learning the pluses and minuses of both packagings.

Let’s start the comparison of the plastic clamshell and Styrofoam containers. By reading the pros and cons of both packaging types, you will have a better understanding of both and you will choose the perfect for your food.

Plastic Clamshells Food Packaging

Plastic clamshell containers have made of different materials. However, the common element is plastic. They used polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, or polyester as the primary substance. Moreover, the plastic can be made by thermoforming or injection molding. Through these materials, they can create different shapes and sizes.

If we talk about the different kinds of carded packaging supplies, the plastic clamshell is one of the most used names. Moreover, their use and application are easy to put in various other forms. They used to serve deep-fried meals like seafood with tartar sauce. It was only an example. You can pack any other sauce or fried food in it.

It is called a clamshell container because of the two-shell characteristic. The one (shell) has sealed from one side and the other has two small clasps. Through the second end, you can easily open and close this packaging.

Food Packed in Plastic Clamshell

The foods you get in the clamshell packaging are salads, sandwiches, fruits, cakes, cupcakes, baked beans, fried meals, French fries, chicken wings, and much more from the street stalls or truck foods.

Pros of Plastic Clamshells Food Containers

The following are a few pros of the plastic clamshells:

  • The opening and closing of the clamshell containers are the easiest.
  • The material is recyclable.
  • It has a low to no-wrap rage.
  • Easily available at any packaging store.

Cons of Plastic Clamshells Food Containers

The following are a few cons of the plastic clamshells:

  • The plastic clamshell is not the right choice for raw foods like meat and liquids.
  • They do not have tightly contained items.

Styrofoam Food Containers

They have made of polystyrene foams. The chemicals required for the Styrofoam packaging are benzene and ethylene. However, both are toxic to human bodies. They can cause chronic diseases like cancer. The chemicals infuse into the body through the meal inside the box. Usually, cups, trays, to-go food packs have made of Styrofoam.

Food Packed in Styrofoam Containers

These are the common packaging for pizza packing and delivery. Moreover, they have used for chicken wings, salads, jalapeno poppers, or other starter meals. You can find Styrofoam containers on supermarket and truck meals for packaging.

Pros of Styrofoam Food Containers

The following are a few pros of the Styrofoam containers:

  • Easily available at any packaging market.
  • The use of packaging is easy.

Cons of Styrofoam Food Containers

The following are a few cons of the Styrofoam packaging:

  • They used toxic chemicals.
  • Not entirely recyclable.
  • Can cause chronic disease.
  • Not suitable for hot foods and liquids.

Is Routine Maintenance Difficult for Packaging Machinery and Materials?

When it comes to packaging machinery, every company wants the best. Well, many ask for maintenance and excellent repair service. Maybe you are neglecting it. But the breakdown or carelessness regarding handling the packaging appliances can decrease the lifetime.

For a packaging line, various elements are considered like the cost of goods, electrical supply, gasses needs, air needs, space needs, and much more. However, the significant variable is outstanding service. As a machinery and service dealer, we know the importance of service.

The Significance of Packaging Machinery and Material Cost

For a packaging line, the first and foremost factor to contemplate is cost. For the packaging machinery, a business needs significant investment. Make sure that the material and machinery is capable of providing the desired profit. The profitability needs a vigilant behavior towards the material, cost, and machinery. You must calculate the return on the investment (ROI) on each piece of the machinery on the line. To get the desired success, you need to break down the cost of the equipment and material. By enhancing the skills of calculation, cost-cutting, and machinery maintenance, you can maximize the KPIs and production. Through this, you can ensure that by investing in the packaging machinery and materials, you can get the return on investment that you wished for.

The Significance of Quality in Packaging Line

To get the desired outcome from a product, you need a high investment. Every business knows that there is a need for the best quality machinery for the utmost outcomes. However, the budget does not allow every company to fulfill the dream. For the high return on investment, you need the best quality packaging machinery and material.

Well, the phrase, “the best” is not the same for every company. Everyone has their criteria and specifications. The following are some “the best” elements you might be looking for.

  • Best delivery cost.
  • Best regarding price.
  • Best in overall quality.
  • Best in respect of speed.
  • Best in terms of life expectancy.
  • Best in terms of easy repair.
  • Best in cost to run.
  • Best in material effectiveness.

While selecting packaging tools, you may consider any of the above-mentioned elements. You choose your best according to your need and demand. That is why you should examine your packaging needs and machinery. Before consulting a packaging expert, you should know about the material, equipment, and machinery best for you.

With the use of the best quality machinery and material, a company can allure and impress the consumer. Through the best packaging, a business can set up a positive impression of the brand.

For the low budget companies, it is essential to use some of the high-quality machinery and material. You should not use everything the best and expensive. But, at least you should upgrade each part of the packaging line and a few best materials. As an average company, you have to look into the KPIs (Key performance indicators) to examine the situation and maintain balance among all the machinery and materials.

A few significant Key Performance indicators, you should keep an eye on are:

  • Safety incidents.
  • Quality.
  • Health.
  • Standard operating efficiencies.
  • Unplanned downtime.
  • Re-work.

There would more elements you should consider, these are not limited to only the above-mentioned.

Why Routine Repair is Essential for Packaging Machinery?

For every packaging line, the significant variable is routine care or service. The companies do not pay much attention to it. However, we can say for the best machinery and material outcome, routine service is a king. Cost and quality are the other elements required for the profitable packaging line and efficiency.

For example, you have excellent and expensive machinery and material for the packaging. But, you do not clean it or repair the small issues on a routine basis. This will give you the worse results if you keep it unnoticed. It will decrease the life of the equipment.